It’s hard for us to describe the exact feeling we get being at The Vineyard – but it’s just a general feeling of “I’m about to have a great time”. Come to a winery to have fun plain and simple. Rarely do you see a curmudgeon angrily sipping wine. And we think this feeling flows over into the weddings hosted out there. Wineries bring a sense of relaxation, happy spirit, laughter, sophistication, and on & on that you and your guests can’t help but notice at your wedding.

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For all of you Pinterest–ers and tweeters, if you haven’t looked up winery weddings yet, you are missing out. The sheer amount of amazing ideas that are the direct result of having your wedding at a winery/vineyard can be overwhelming. From decor featuring vines to wine infused menu items, you can bring the environment into your wedding so easily. We know rustic weddings are still hugely popular. But that doesn’t fit everyone’s style exactly. We have worked with so many couples who love the outdoors and the natural simplicity that a vineyard wedding offers but don’t want to overdo the rustic feel. A vineyard wedding is a great balance between the elegant event you want your guests to experience and the laid back feel of an outdoor wedding.


There are so many ways to personalize a vineyard wedding. The obvious addition is to serve wine hand selected for your menu that is created from the grapes you are surrounded by – and that’s just cool. But there are other things that can make your wedding experience different from the others your guests have had. The Gorgeous event can be made more beautiful with vine and village themes. Planning an event that takes place in the middle of a vineyard is not without its difficulties. So in most cases, you will see costs being below what a standard wedding venue would charge. The reasons it is more expensive will be apparent in higher quality offerings and inclusions.


In our experience, there just aren’t a lot of wineries that host weddings. And Soma Vine Village is the only Vineyard Resort, which offers a wine destination for the weddings and events in India. For most wineries, the wine is their sole focus, as it should be. However, We have found ways to host weddings without it negatively impacting our business. Outdoor weddings only happen a few months out of the year, and with so few wineries participating in weddings, those dates are limited. So,if you find an open date you probably want to move quickly! The seasons bring different experiences at Soma Vine Village. Be it Springs or Summers, Monsoons or Winters, we at Soma are always ready to help you live moments you will cherish forever. As the vines leaf out and we head into a warm, breezy summer, we gather to watch the grapes ripen into lush juiciness. At harvest time, golden hues come into play as trees and vines turn with the season.And even in the winter months, our vineyards retain an inexpressible magic in the low sun’s blue light. Although there are some considerations in hosting a vineyard wedding – the benefits can far exceed the downfalls. So begin looking into hosting your vineyard wedding options now and have a glass or two – for research purposes of course! Cheers!

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