Must Visit Vineyards To Enjoy In India

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Are you a wine lover or are you looking for a weekend relaxation in a vineyard? If yes, then you should surely visit the winery hub of India that is Nashik City which has in and around 35-40 vineyards. Among these vineyards, I have selected the best one which are the must visit vineyards to enjoy in India. Well,this blog will surely help you out to reach your fascinated destination.

1. Soma Vineyards

This occupies the foremost position in the list. It is the must visit wine yard. The scenic views will impress your heart as it is located on the edge of Gangapur Dam in Nashik City. The lush landscapes add beauty to this place. The romantic atmosphere will engage your heart in its natural beauty. Soma is not only a vineyard but also a huge resort where you can plan your stay.

They have huge spacious room that give great picturesque scenes. They have inbuilt villas too were you can take a dip in the vineyard pool, go for the laid-back bicycle ride on the winding country roads, soak up the peaceful view and enjoy delicious food while sipping Soma wines. These wines have the finest blend of your favorite flavors.

2. Grover Vineyards

This vineyard is located in the north of Bangalore which is a state of Karnataka. It covers the area of almost 410 acres. It has lush grapes, strung from trellises, covering every available space on the soil in the valley. Its beautiful landscape adds divine beauty to this place.

Grover Vineyards is famous for its Red wine alike La Reserve which is Cabemet Shiraz. It also has a good unique collection of White as well as Rose wines

3. Sula Vineyards

It is one of the most impressive vineyard. Sula vineyard is located near the Nashik city. It is the only Indian wine company to be present in all price and product segments including Red, White, Rose, Sparking and Dessert wines. Sula also offers a wide range of accommodation. Moreover, they have different and unique wine tasting rooms which you can enjoy while taking a walk in the vineyards.

4. Fratelli Vineyards

Fratelli is a premium Indian wine brand that has been boosting rappreciation for its quality and setting new benchmarks for Indian wines worldwide. This vineyard is located in Solapur a state of Maharashtra. They offer a wide range of packages for those who want to visit that is including one day packages to a tour of the Motewadi and Garwar vineyards, wine sampling, packed food etc. They have different weekend packages as well.

5. Grover Zampa

This vineyard is located 920 meters above the sea level near Nandi Hills in Banglore state. Its sea level view gives it a wow element that would take you to trans mode. They have taken neccesary measures that include maintaining the tenderness in crushing of the grapes, controlling the temperature and carrying out pumping during the fermentation this makes the wine perfect with great aroma and taste.

Most Visited Wineries Of India

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With the largest trend in the new era, there is a brand new change in the trends of wine as well. With growing time, wineries have gained much importance and have become one of the favorite tourist destination as well. With wine tourism you will get ample of opportunities to get acquainted with the different stages in wine preparation. This tour will also lead you to taste or take a sample of some impeccable blends of wine in the Vineyards. Presently, there are numerous vineyards present in the country but the most visited wineries of India are as follows.

1. Soma Vineyard

Its epic beauty and parent hospitality touch with a blend of great flavors of wines, makes them to take a first place in this list. Soma Vineyard is situated to the edge of Gangapur Dam and is surrounded with Sayadri Hills which makes the natural panorama more and more enhancing in Nashik district. While taking a walk in the vineyard, you can enjoy the sip of enticing wines. The vineyard provides with different wine tasting room and more over you are also educated about the different wine preparations.

They have a wide range of rooms that start from deluxe room to 7 bed room Villas that have private pool facility. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small group or a large one, this vineyard provides with greater option for vacations as compared to any other.

2. Four Season Vineyard

The Vineyard is located in Baramati around 65 km from Pune. The vineyard is surrounded by beautiful Shayadri hills. They produce one of the finest wines. Like other vineyards they too provide accommodation and have around 10 rooms that are well furnished. They mainly hserve Indian Cusine that would impress your taste buds. Their every wine bottle that is reserved are classics and blended wines that are crafted with care and passion in the state of the art winery.

3.Sula Vineyard

It is India’s one of the most prominent winery. It is the first commercial winery that spreads over 160 acres with the winery field. This winery is awarded with a silver medal for its 2012 Sauvignon Blanc. Sula vineyard provides you with a great scenic view and gives a sense of pleasure. At the same time they provide with accommodation that give you are a good vocational comfort.

4. Fratelli Winery

It is well known for its Red wines and have also received many awards in the industry. Fratelli winery is most closely associated with Italian style of wine making. It is located near Solapur which is a state of Maharashtra and is 170 KM away from Pune. They provide with accommodation options as well and have an eye catching ambience.

5. York Winery

York Winery is located close to Sula Vineyards. Built in 2006, the winery occupies seven acres of vineyards overlooking Gangapur Dam. York winery is a friendly place and offers you the wine tasting room. The young family-owned winery focuses on producing fruity and dry, rather than sweet wines. It’s definitely a must-visit winery in Nashik.